Avenza Maps Turns 10

The Top 10 Series

It’s officially August, and the Avenza Maps team has something to celebrate, this month marks the 10th anniversary of our app! Over the past ten years, we’ve worked hard to improve our incredible mapping app with the many features suggested or inspired by our users. Don’t worry; we have even more great features on our road map that you’ll soon be counting as your favourites! 

To celebrate we’ve compiled a series of Top 10 lists! Some are interesting, some are cool, some are downright fun. Join this month in celebration, and we hope you find inspiration for your next adventure!

Top 10 Most Downloaded Maps

As you’ll see in the following top 10 list, our in-app Avenza Maps Map Store is our greatest feature! The Map Store is built directly into the Avenza Maps app and gives users access to over 500,000 maps from all over the world. With that kind of selection, one has to wonder, which are the most downloaded? So we bring you our first list, the top 10 most downloaded maps from the Avenza Maps Map Store!

The map with the most downloads

The Bear Mountain Hikes, NY by New York - New Jersey Trail Conference

Bear Mountain State Park Trail Map by New York State Parks

Bear Mountain Trail Map_New York_Avenza Maps.png

Minnewaska State Park Preserve Trail Map - New York State Parks

Minnewaska State Park Trail Map_New York_Avenza Maps.png

US National Park System by US National Park Service

US National Park System Map_USA_Avenza Maps.png

NPS Great Smoky Mountains by Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trail Map_TN_Avenza Maps.png

Roosevelt NF by US Forest Service R2 Rocky Mountain Region

Canyon Lakes Ranger District Trail Map North_Colorado_Avenza Maps.png

Bornholm Mapguide by Kortguide-Bornholm.dk

Bornholm_Denmark_Avenza Maps.png

Hudson Highlands State Park by New York State Parks

Hudson Highlands State Park Trail Map_New York_Avenza Maps.png

Roosevelt NF by US Forest Service R2 Rocky Mountain Region

Canyon Lakes Ranger District Trail Map South_Colorado_Avenza Maps.png

Watkins Glen State Park Trail Map - New York State Parks

Watkins Glen State Park Trail Map_New York_Avenza Maps.png

Top 10 Features of Avenza Maps

When you have an app that’s as powerful and versatile as Avenza Maps, it isn’t easy to whittle down the best features to 10. We did our best and took suggestions from our awesome users! Which is your favourite Avenza Maps feature?

  1. Map Store - Well, we gave this one away already, the number one feature of Avenza Maps is the Map Store! Browse and buy from thousands of internationally renowned map producers, all from your device. Then download directly to your phone and see your location instantly with Avenza Maps. Professionally created and independently verified, each of our 500,000+ maps will show you why thousands of users choose Avenza Maps every day.

2. Location GPS without Wi-Fi or cell network - Next to the maps, the most critical feature of Avenza Maps is the ability to use GPS location data from your phone, even when you’re not within range of cell signal. Each map is georeferenced, giving you instant pinpoint location accuracy on any map from our store. Don’t worry about not having Wi-Fi; this feature works without any Wi-Fi or cellular network signal and is available for all Avenza Maps users.

3. Coordinates- There are many reasons you may need to give your coordinates to someone or use coordinates to find a specific location. So many reasons lead to various formats for each use case. Different industries also tend to use specific coordinate formats. Avenza Maps allows more than 6 different formatting types for coordinates, and you can also instantly toggle between them!

4. What3Words integration - One of the newest coordinate formats to the mapping community has been What3Words. This mapping format breaks the earth down into 3 m squares and assigns a unique three-word address to each. What3Words makes giving an accurate location to friends or emergency responders easy and simple. Great for everything from hiking trails to outdoor concert venues!

5. Navigation - Knowing where you’re going and how to get there is always a critical use case for Avenza Maps. With our Navigation features, you can draw your route before heading out, or retrace a current path. Either way, you’re easily able to reverse directions and always find your way back home.

6. Geofence Areas - This feature is used to keep you in or out of specific areas. Fence off an area on the map and be notified when you’re approaching the edge of the perimeter. Use cases include hunters always knowing their staying in their approved areas or helping racers remain on the route.

7. Drop Pins - When it comes to pin drops, the list of uses is endless—Mark hydration stations for runners during a race. Help travellers locate washrooms at a local park. Or drop a pin to note the location of a specific tree to be removed. Pins can be dropped anywhere and are customizable.

8. Record GPS Tracks - By enabling GPS tracks, you can save your path and edit properties like colour to signify different routes. Which route is shorter? Trying to beat a personal best? Track your routes and compare! There are a million reasons people need to trace their paths; this feature makes it possible, accurate, and straightforward.

9. Trip Information - Distance travelled, total time, average speed, and even elevation changes, the information you can get in Avenza Maps is incredible! You often need to get more from your trip than just a map trace. That’s where our detailed trip information helps. These analytics are industry-leading and will help you discover the specifics that make your trip interesting!

10. Plot Geotagged Photos on a Map - This feature was voted as “Most Fun” by our team! Have a collection of photos from your hike? You can add geotagged pictures to any map with the Plot Photos feature. Share memories or confirm you’re in the right location, recreational and professional users alike love it!

Top 10 Map icons

Beach Icon.png


I think it’s easy to understand why we chose beach as our favourite map icon. We are in the middle of summer here in Canada, and beaches look mighty tempting in this heat!

Bicycle Icon.png


The next few map icons that we’re especially fond of are related to some of our favourite outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, hunting, whatever your activity of choice, it’s probably in our next favourite icons.

Boating Icon.png


It's only natural to savour this activity in the summer!

Hiking Icon.png


For there is no time to waste, no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this!

Fishing Icon.png


A number of our users use Avenza Maps to mark their course of fishing.

Hunting Icon NPS_Avenza Maps.png


Avenza Maps is also used by hunters to plot their route.

Picnic Icon.png

Picnic Area

We’re always thinking about food! Picnicking is also just such a great way to enjoy eating outdoors. Who doesn’t love a good picnic?

Stargazing Icon - Avenza Maps.png


This is one of the least used map icons and one of our absolute favourites. Planning your campsite by stargazing locations can lead to a full night of starlight entertainment.

Wi-Fi Icon - Avenza Maps.png


When we’re out on the trails, Wi-Fi is the last thing on our mind. With Avenza Maps offline GPS for all users, who needs Wi-Fi? Still, this is a crucial map icon for many travellers when not on the trail.

Washroom Icon - Avenza Maps.png


Everyone needs this icon from time to time. It’s commonly known as the most “urgently looked for” map icon.

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Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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