5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Outdoorsy People

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to face the annual conundrum of choosing the perfect costume for Halloween. If you haven’t been in the mood for it or have procrastinated until this minute, it’s your lucky day because we’ve come up with some outdoor-themed costume ideas for the adventurer in you.


We haven’t used it much in 2020, but we might be able to again soon. This costume will certainly be relatable to those who see you as well! 

Do It Yourself

  • A chart paper that matches the colour of your original passport.
  • With some design and the words ‘Passport’ 
  • Replace the name of the country as displayed on your original passport with the phrase - ‘ The most useless thing of 2020 ’. 

2. Vanlife Enthusiast 

COVID-19 is a distant memory while navigating to scenic spots around you in a custom camper van or even a minivan on the open road. “Van lifers” vouch for this lifestyle for the freedom and simplicity it offers. 

Do It Yourself

  • A quick-dry towel or a Yoga towel ( sling it to your shoulder if you can ) 
  • Athleisure clothing 
  • Accessorize with a cardboard steering wheel, a pair of keys, and a power bank connected to your phone and you could probably take it even further by carrying a pumpkin carved van as displayed in the image. 

If you’re taking pictures, probably stand on top of a car and have someone take a picture of you. Bonus tip: the Avenza Maps app is perfect for van lifers who are exploring off the grid.

3. Woodland Creature 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to dress up as a furry creature that spends all its time outdoors; isn’t that a dream for some of us? So here’s a chance to depict which woodland creature you’d like to be, a deer, a fox, a furry rabbit, a hooting owl or even as a snail. 

Do It Yourself

  • Clothing of similar shade to the woodland creature you are trying to imitate 
  • Face painting 
  • If the woodland creature you are dressing up as has a tail, you can try adding a tail to your costume using some yarn/ wool or even faux fur. 

4. Seasons 

If you are a group of four, here’s a perfect Halloween costume idea. It is self-explanatory, each friend or family member dresses up as one of the four seasons. Spring can be depicted using a green coloured costume with some flowers across. Summer in yellow or mustard with a couple leaves pasted across the outfit. Fall, the prettiest season to depict in colour, can be represented in orange with shades of mustard and some fall foliage, can even be pretty foliage from your backyard. You could each wear sashes which could be handmade using chart paper with the names of each season to avoid any ambiguity. 

To take these costumes up a notch, you could even paint your faces or wear headbands corresponding to the colour of the costume. There is room for creativity with this costume idea. 

5. Mother Nature 

Through 2020, we observed how nature restored some of its balance, thanks to us exploring outdoors via eco-friendly means and staying indoors most days. Hence, making this a meaningful costume to put on this year. This costume idea is up for one’s interpretation, it can be done as one pleases.

You can take the elegant route and wear a beige mixed with some green, attire or even a simple white dress, adorned with a wreath on your head or attach flowers to your shirt.

Hope you liked the costume suggestions! Tag us @avenzamaps and we can have you featured across our social media on Halloween to share some inspiration with other explorers.

Image Credits: pinterest.com