Off-roading in South America: a list of maps to start your adventure

Off-roading in South America

After a hard work week, some people like to get some rest during the weekend, enjoy some Netflix from their couch and watch Netflix more than anything else. On the other hand, some people prefer to have a crazy adventure to spice up their life: trekking in a lost forest, kayaking down the river or riding your bike off roads until no one can reach your cellphone.

If you are one of the laters, and by chance, the South-West of South America is where you are planning to have that adventure, this post is for you. Last time, we helped you get ready for your trip and now, we will list the best maps you can find in the Avenza Map Store to have the best time possible off-road. Time to start your adventure.

XYZ South America iMap

The first map showcases all of South America, from Venezuela to Argentina, detailed even when offline. It features highways, railways and all-terrain representation, including state borders and boundaries. Get the map.




Mapa de Senderos - COMBO Gigantes y Champaqui

A detailed topographic map of Los Gigantes and Chan Chimbaqui regions with over 700 km of trails, trekking, climbing and of course MTB routes with camping information and emergency contacts. Get the map.

La Mision 1/50.000 Version 2019

At the very west of Argentina, covering Villa La Angostura, this map shows all the race routes with coordinates. Get the map.





2018 Torres de Paine National Park

The trekking capital of southern Patagonia is also a perfect place to off-road. This map shows full circuits, trails and distance to hotels, huts or campings, with main and secondary roads added. Borders with Argentina. Get the map.

Carta Caminera de Valparaiso and Carta Caminera de Los Lagos.

Two of the most tourist cities in Chile are also spots to start adventures and those maps will help you with all the roads in and out of the city limits, with lots of options for off-roading. Get the Valparaiso map or get the Los Lagos map.

Chile South 1:1,750,000 - ITMB

This map shows Southern Chile and some of Argentina, reaching the southern point in the continent. Also Includes tourist attractions as well as natural features to visit. Get the map.






San Estanislao - Paraguay

Covering the south part of the country, this map displays the need to have an off-road adventure plus contour lines, domestic boundaries, major settlements and roads. A must-have. Get the map.

Puerto Galileo

On the eastern border between Paraguay and Argentina, next to Asuncion, we can find Puerto Galileo. This map fits perfectly for your needs when visiting the area and will help you get the best off-road adventure possible. Get the map.



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