Maps to Enjoy the Best Fall-Foliage

The end of summer means shorter days, cooler evenings and pumpkin spice season in North America, but it also means leaf peeping season. What is leaf peeping? It’s an informal term we use to describe when people travel to view and photograph the fall foliage in areas where leaves change colours in autumn.

It’s especially common in New England and the upper Midwest in the States and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario up north in Canada. So for today, we will help you to find the best maps for your next foliage tour.

Fun Fact: this activity is also common in Japan and Finland, but it has a very different name: momijigari (紅葉狩) and ruskaretki respectively.


This is the place to be. New England has one of the most wonderful marks of autumn: the sight of leaves turning from summery green to a riot of orange, red, and gold. From Maine to Connecticut and Rhode Island in the south, if you are looking for a leaf-peeping experience, you need to visit New England.

Spots such as Lake Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire), Montgomery and Woodstock (Vermont), Arcadia National Park and Bethel (Maine) or the Mohawk Trail (Massachusetts) are perfect. Even driving down the highway, it’s marvellous to experience the fall in its most splendorous version: Vermont’s Route 100 or The Shires of Vermont Byway, Maine’s Coastal Route 1 or Connecticut Route 7 and 9.

Lake Winnipesaukee

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New Hampshire/Vermont Atlas & Gazetteer

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Arcadia National Park

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Long Trail Map

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Most people think of the East Coast when they picture the breathtaking colours of the fall, mostly New England and its surroundings, but the Midwest region has nothing to envy. State and national parks and small towns are all welcoming tourists looking for the autumn experience. It’s important to know that trees located in the southern regions will colour before the northern ones.

It refers to the states of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin (some people also add North and South Dakota). The Midwest has everything from waterfalls to lakes and plenty of seasonal events. Places like Marquette (Michigan), Lake Geneva and Door County (Wisconsin) or North Shore (Minnesota) are the most popular among fall foliage seekers.

Marquette Trails

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Lake Geneva

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Door County

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North Shore Atlas

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Travelling up north to Canada, we find Quebec and Ontario. First is the French-speaking province: in the fall, Québec’s landscapes unveil their rich colours. From orange yellows to blazing reds, nature dons its fineries for our enjoyment, and hundreds of places to discover the beauties of nature during the colour transformation process.

There are some national parks, such as Aiguebelle or Lac-Témiscouata, and regional parks like des Grandes-Coulées or Mont Ham or straight visit the surroundings of both Quebec City and Montreal, the two most important cities of the province.


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des Grandes-Coulées

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Mont Ham

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Ontario fall foliage means Algonquin Park: 7,635 square kilometres of forests, bogs, lakes and rivers. The essence of Algonquin is in its vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes. The park offers just as much for visitors in the winter as it does in the summer, but fall is the best season to go. The most important detail is that you need permission to access the park.

During autumn, the park usually reaches its car limit so it’s also key to get a daily vehicle permit and if possible (available online), visit during weekdays and get ready. Once inside, you can get information about hiking trails, visit areas and much more.

Algonquin Provincial Park

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