Looking for waterfalls around Australia with Avenza Maps

During the workweek, Leanne Sinclair works as a lawyer for Victoria Legal Aid, an organization working to support those in need. But when the weekend arrives, she becomes an avid hiker, waterfall hunter and curious adventurer, or as she’s known on Instagram, @lealea.st.clair. Needless to say, she uses Avenza Maps to fulfill her passion.

Her experience with our app came by accident. She was hiking with her girlfriend in the Bangalow forest near Byron Bay looking for the base of Minyon Falls when they started to wonder if they took a wrong turn at some point. The incline was steep and straight up, not down towards the falls, and the signpost advising the proximity of the waterfalls was three kilometres back. “Of course, there was zero phone service!” explained Lea. Luckily, they found some hikers across the trail.

“We eventually met a couple walking toward us, and we asked where they had come from and if we were heading towards or away from the falls.  The couple were using Avenza maps, and they showed us the offline map feature to locate where we were and importantly where the falls were.” That was Lea’s first interaction with Avenza Maps. After they covered an extra six kilometres that day in the scorching heat, they were finally able to enjoy the Mynyon falls. “I downloaded the app as soon as I had network coverage.”

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Makes sense then that her favourite feature in the app is the ability to locate yourself on a map without having network access or wifi. “Most of the places I walk do not have mobile coverage.” For now, she’s just getting started in the hiking world but now that Victoria (Australia) has ended its lockdown, she is planning on doing more and more during the weekends and holidays, and Australia is the perfect place to search for adventure.

Her favourite spot so far is Morialta Falls, in South Australia. “It was absolutely stunning landscape,” she said. She loved it so much that she’s planning on going back to South Australia to do more hikes there as soon as she is able to. “Swimming at the base of Minyon falls would be a close second (once we finally got there). It is a must-see for anyone travelling to Byron Bay.”

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One of the keys for Leanne is how she can work pre-trip with the app. “I use Avenza Maps to work out the distance and terrain to estimate how long it will take and how easy or hard it will be to complete on day trips,” which is really pivotal. Preparation for your adventure is as important as the adventure itself. Also, she shares the maps with some family or friends prior to the trip "to give them an idea of where I will be going, just in case anything should go wrong.”

What’s next on her itinerary? “Hiking in the Grampians in Victoria, more waterfalls to see!” She definitely is a waterfall lover because there is even more: “I am also hoping to visit Northern Territory later in 2022.”

You can follow her on Instagram.

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