How the Seismic Exploration Industry rocks with Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps has always been an app designed to help hikers, bikers and campers never get lost on their adventures, but we have never forgotten the professional uses of our app. Emergency responders, transportation or conservation and recreation are just a few of the examples of industries we have been working with side by side. Today we will be talking about a different one: seismic exploration with Cornelius Morris, Avenza Maps Pro user.

Cornelius works as a mountaineer and his role consists of training and supporting the crew, so they can work together safely in steep and extreme terrain. He also provides rescue and technical support, but his main responsibility is to map and record all the mountain hazards on the concession while providing mountain zone maps to the heads of department for planning and support.

Avenza has helped Cornelius to develop and implement new systems in data collection and delivery regarding mapping GIS operations and the hazards that crews face in mountainous terrains. “The app has helped me deliver more accurate data for both the client and the work teams that I support in the field making for a safer working environment and giving me a planning tool for daily support allocation of my personnel.”

What we know for sure is that our paths cross for a reason. “I discovered Avenza Maps via the App Store while working on an oil exploration project in Kurdistan that required a different approach and a higher level of hazard mapping,” Morris explained to us. “Of all the apps available for GPS tracking, navigation and terrain survey it was the most useful and appropriate for my needs.”

Once he used Avenza Maps, he decided to stay with us. “I prefer to use Avenza because it is user-friendly, accurate and its features are the most useful and appropriate for my work,” he tells us. Something we are really proud of. But it is not only about the user experience, our features also have been helping Cornelius and his crews work along the way, improving their data collection style and accuracy.

“Previously we had to note all of this using pen and paper and later transfer this information onto a database for mapping purposes. Avenza has made my work easier by enabling me to either GPS track sections of difficult terrain or use the draw and measure tool to mark features on the maps.” Making his job and everyone else on the field easier and safer. The draw and measure tool is also his favourite feature in the app.

“It enables me to identify and display hazards in the terrain in a format that is easy for everyone on a seismic crew to understand and use,” Neil tells us. Which is his major duty in his role. Being able to mark the hazards in mountains and share this information with his crew are keys to why he uses Avenza. Something he also relies on is the ability to transfer the data faster.

“Being able to transfer collected data wirelessly to my colleagues means that it is no longer necessary for the survey department to circulate this info because I can create a WhatsApp group and share my data with everyone instantly, as can anyone else in my team.”

Cornelius also explained his relationship with Avenza at the 2022 Avenza User Conference. You can watch his presentation here:

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