Celebrating National Emergency Services Day

#999Day in the UK


First #999Day Celebrated in 2018

Today marks the fourth anniversary of #999Day across the UK. The National Emergency Services Day promotes the work of the emergency services. This includes the promotion of responsible emergency services use, education of the public about basic lifesaving skills, and promotes the many career and volunteering opportunities available in the emergency services sector.


Volunteers are an essential part of the emergency services family as they play a core part in keeping Britain safe. Some volunteer roles celebrated today include: Special Constables, Retained Firefighters, NHS Community Responders, St John Ambulance, RNLI, Search and Rescue, and Coastguard volunteers.


What is what3words?

what3words is a simpler way to talk about location. This location coordinate system has divided the world into 3m squares and given each a unique 3-word address. It is used by thousands of businesses in over 170 countries and by individuals to find and share precise locations, from specific building entrances to natural beauty spots or geographical landmarks – using just three words. ///supply.founders.outreach, for example, is the 3-word address for the front entrance to Avenza Systems’ head office in Midtown, Toronto.

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what3words Helps NHS Map Key Locations

Hospitals all over the UK have become larger over time, offering a centralized location for many medical practices in our communities. This has led to overwhelming large hospital complexes with sometimes double-digit entrance and delivery point locations, and obvious mass confusion for all. Recently our partner what3words has begun helping with a unique solution to this problem.


what3words is now being used by Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust (YAS), Welsh Ambulance Service (WAS), and South Western Ambulance Service (SWAS) to identify specific entrances and delivery points at the 24 key regional hospitals in Yorkshire, 18 key hospitals in the South West and Nightingale sites including Cardiff, Harrogate, and Bristol. [link]


Avenza Maps and what3words Integration

Avenza Maps is a mobile mapping app and navigation tool that allows people to locate themselves on maps without an internet connection or network connectivity. Its extensive range of features is used by outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers who use digital maps on their smartphones and tablets. Avenza Maps is also widely used by professionals including forestry workers, wildland firefighters, and search and rescue teams for location, to plot and record placemarks, photos, and information.


What3words is fully integrated with Avenza Maps. Upload or download from our Map Store any map and instantly see your location in what3words format. Great for concerts, park hikes, or even hospital pick-ups.


Don’t Forget To Download

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And a special thank you for all of the hard work of emergency response service provides everywhere! You keep us safe, and we can’t thank you enough.