The Best 10 Maps to Ski in the Alps

From Nice to Vienna, Europe is covered in mountains formed over tens of millions of years. The Alps have become the perfect place for ski lovers, being the highest and most extensive mountain range on the continent. Covering over 1,200 kilometres across eight countries (France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Slovenia), more than 14 million people live in alpine areas.

Topping at Mont Blanc, with 4,807 metres, the Alps start at sea level and five different times (and countries) have hosted the Winter Olympics in the last century, including Milano, where the 2026 Games will take place.



West of Italy, on the border with France and close to the Mediterranean Sea, we find the first Alp spot to ski. In the French-Italian borders, we can find Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in western Europe (Mount Elbrus, in the Caucasus, is the tallest mountain). Surrounding Mt. Blanc, there are hundreds of ski resorts and these are the best maps to get there (courtesy all of them of Fraternali Editore):

Carta 18 - Collina di Torino

Vendor: Fraternali Editore

Get the Torino map here.

Carta 7 - Val Pellice

Vendor: Fraternali Editore

Get the Pellice map here.

Carta 3 - Val Susa - Val Cenischia - Rocciamelone

Vendor: Fraternali Editore

Get the Val Susa map here.

Carta 1- Alta Valsusa

Vendor: Fraternali Editore

Get the Alta Valsusa map here.



After finishing with the French border, we travel north, pass Milano, to the borders with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Italy’s mountains cover the whole north of the country and this part of the Alps is also worth a visit to enjoy the ski resorts and slopes.

Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida-Marilleva Ski Map

Vendor: Webmapp Srl

Get the Campliglio and Folgarida-Marilleva map here.

610 Garda/Dolomiti Region CARTAGO GPSMap BUNDLE HPM 25K


Get the Garda-Dolomiti map here.

Le Vie del Monte Baldo


Get the Monte Baldo map here.



Not all the ski resorts are in Italy, obviously. Switzerland is, in fact, the country with the highest amount of Alp territory (28.7% vs 27.2% Italy) and ski, mountains and winter tourism are key to its economy. Also, France, mostly in its western borders, has become a paradise for winter enthusiasts and not only a tourist destination for summer.

4001 :: Haute Route

Vendor: National Geographic

Get the Haute Route map here.

Carta 21 - Briançon - Vallée de la Guisane - Vallée de la Clarée

Vendor: Fraternali Editore

Get the Briançon map here.

4LAND 380 Cervino nord AM

Vendor: 4LAND Srl

Get the Cervino map here.

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